Pegasus Metallurgy S.A.

Aluminum alloys - Metal trading

Our company contributes significantly to the reduction of the volume of waste and to the preservation of the natural resources, since the biggest part of the raw materials used for the production of our alloys are recyclable materials such as: used beverage cans, car parts,  utensils, aluminium profiles and industrial wastes such as turnings etc.

Our products are certified with ISO 9001:2008

1. Aluminium Alloys

Production of secondary aluminium alloys according to European standards or DIN etc.

Ingot Dimensions: 70cm x 8cm x 6cm. Weight approx. 7,5 kg.

Bundles from 500 – 1000 kg.


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2.  Brass Alloys

Alloys suitable for die casting or sand casting.

Ingot dimensions: 30cm x 8cm x 5cm.
Weight approx. 7 kg.


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3. Zinc alloys (Zamak)

Ingot dimensions 32cm x 9cm x 5cm.

Weight approx. 6 kg.